exoSages are going night night.

When I joined Reddit's Collectible Avatar program, I saw many creators in the private subreddit being pretty aggressively resentful toward its facilitators. I felt it was offputting, but based on past experiences, I get it. The advice I gave them was this: as soon as working for Reddit stops working for them, they should move on. Ultimately, this is what happened with me. I was sick, had a migraine, got yet another kickback from Reddit's review team for yet another absurd reason, and went on a bit of a rant on the Creators' private subreddit. My post was not kind, it was not necessary. I deleted my post and I followed my own advice and have moved on.

If you are a customer of exoSages, I encourage you to still keep in touch with me via your method of choice on the contact page. However, I will no longer be active on Reddit.


—Iain, Social Media Intern