We start with creepy and inevitably end in silly

Each exoSage is hand-made, caressed and spoken sweet-nothings to until it reaches your supple hands to take over the loving care we put into each Sage.

Wait, you weren't planning on, say, gounging out their eyes and mashing them up into another alien-creature's face, were you? That's a totally crazy thought, right? Right??? RIGHT?!?!@!@11

Our Process

We start with ink, then let these fancy glowing keyboard boxes do the rest. Computer imaging for images presented primarily on computers?! We know, a shocking revelation.

Primarily using the pointilism technique, it keeps us slow and methodical. It helps maintain a sort-of darker aesethic with a messiness that hides our horrible mistakes! It is designed be so slow, in fact, that boredom (possibly madness) eventually ensues, at which point absurdity takes over and things take a turn for the unusual. Such as toe-feet and bird chicks nesting in skulls.

Once the base drawing is complete, we begin digital post-processing for a sharper vector format, while adding coloring and a visually quiet background that hopefully better supports the character ensemble.

Where we're at & where we're going

We are a part of a greater team over at Curious Markings Co. and exoSages is our vehicle for letting out our sillier sides.

Currently Released exoSages
This is where we're at, and we are very proud of all of them. Why not gaze upon all their glory and ponder to yourself why you've been so foolish as to not add one to your collection yet?!
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"Norm-core Series"
To better mash with default-styled Reddit assets, we're bringing some style and flavor for those who like to have a more cohesive asset set. Don't worry, we still find ways to make them subtly cheeky.
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Web3 Integration & More
For now, this is just something we are developing behind the scenes for fun. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, though, so if that teaser sets your loins ablaze, shout out to us and let your voice be heard!
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