Meet our uncanny team of like-blinded individuals

We are a team of distinctly undiverse viewpoints that pride ourselves on communicating that, much like schizophrenia, jokes should not be confused with being dissociative identity disorder.

  • Ian McKenzie

    Founder / CEO

  • Ayn Hardisty

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Tom C. Wilcox


  • {electrosyrinx}

    Lead Developer

  • Vitalik Rand Nakamoto

    Lead Blockchain Developer

  • Yahn MacKenȝie

    Director of Design

  • Koqav Kincade

    Head of exoSage Research

  • Iain "Terminally Online" Muskenzie

    Social Media Intern / Head of Marketing

    Note: If you are investigating labor law violations, the former title supersedes the ladder.